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Questions about the Inca Trail in September
Christian S.
20 mai 2008, 09:56

Dear Inca Trail Team,

your offer looks quite convincing, gratulations for the way you presented it (transparency is everything!). I have two more questions:

1) What is the maximum number of participating persons per group (we are looking at departing around the 28.09)? 2) I understand that passing through the Gate of the Sun the last day's morning is really the icing on the cake. I know it is going to be early and I heard that for people that get up especially early and who are among the first 200, there is a specially privileged spot from where to watch the sunrise. Is that possible to do with your tour?

Thanks a lot for your earliest reply (as there are only a few more spaces left).

Best regards,


Re: Questions about the Inca Trail in September
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20 mai 2008, 10:24

Dear Christian,

First, I would like to thank you for your interest in our website and our services but also for your congratulations.

To answer to your questions:

1) The maximum is 16 trekkers. In fact, it's a maximum legal. You can have an idea of a group in this page, considering that 16 it the maximum allowed:

2) Yes, our tour include the sunrise in the Sun Gate (Inti Punku). For 09/28, the sunrise is at 05:32am; it's why you will get up very early. And then, you will start the guided visite.

Note: you are right, there are only few spaces for 09/28 (only 12 right now). Could it be possible to give us alternatives dates, like for 27 or 29. Let us know just answering to this email and, once we will have your reservation request, we will do the best we can to book for 28 but, just in case...

Best regards and thank you again,

Re: Questions about the Inca Trail in September
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22 mai 2008, 11:56

Hi Christian,

We received perfectly your reservation request ands everything is ok. Thank you for choosing us to organize your trek in Peru. Don't worry, once we will make your reservation, you will receive a confirmation by email. We will make it tomorrow because today is a public holiday (Corpus Cristi) in Cusco.

Receive our best regards,

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